falla de san adres

San Andreas fault: length and earthquakes

San Andreas fault travels 1300 km through the California state and Lower California in Mexico. It is one of the most famous faults due to its very active seismic activity.  


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mujer en bicicleta en el delta del ebro

The Ebro Delta: features, formation and activities

The Ebro Delta is one of the most significant geographical features of Spain due to its immense biodiversity and for being one of the most humid areas of Catalonia. All its wild nature contrasts immensely with the human cohabitation and the agricultural transformation. 

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dinosaurio del cretáceo

Dinosaurs from the Cretaceous period

The Cretaceous period is the third and last geological period from the Mesozoic Era. It’s divided as: Upper Cretaceous and Lower Cretaceous. It started after the Jurassic Period and lasted 79 million of years, during which 70% of the existing species and practically all dinosaurs were extinguished. 

The highlight of the Lower Cretaceous was the rupture of the supercontinent Pangea and Gondwana in two, thus giving place to what we know today as South America, Africa, Australia, the Indian subcontinent, the island of Madagascar and the Antarctic. 

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