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The biggest and most beautiful cathedrals of Europe

Cathedrals are one of the most important representations of the architectural art trough out the history of civilizations. Imposing constructions of stone built as temples all over the map. Most of the cities around the world have one, but here we will talk about the biggest, tallest and most beautiful of Europe.

Karst relief and how does it form?

You probably recognize the curious landscapes of the Enchanted City of Cuenca in Spain or the famous Aggtelek caves, in Hungary, these last ones being a World Heritage Site since 1995. What you may not know is that these two places have something in common: they are two types of karst relief. In today’s post […]

Petra city: how and when was it built

The first occidental men in access to the ruins of the city of Petra was a swiss archaeologist called Johann Ludwig Burckhardt that was disguised as a Jordan and discovered that way the old capital of the Nabataeans. Currently, the historical enclave of Jordany is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and it is […]