Geotechnical Foundation Analysis for Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD)
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Learn the principles of LRFD foundation design and analytical/numerical analyses for shallow/deep foundation designs, evaluation methods of engineering properties of soil/rock, guidance to field investigation plans considering project budget and scope, and practical exercise problem sets from actual author’s project experiences.

  • Gain the most demanded skills within geotechnical engineering projects.
  • Clarify understanding of LRFD approach in geotechnical foundation design
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  • Learn from a highly experienced professional
  • Video tutorials and multimedia content within the Moodle virtual platform, with exercises like tests and practical cases.
  • Practical course
  • Webinars, which can be downloaded in case you cannot attend them
  • Start date: 12th August
  • End date: 23rd September
  • Course length: 50 hours / 6 weeks online
  • Online training