You are currently viewing Presentation of the “Introduction to hydrogeology and ArcGIS applications” course

Presentation of the “Introduction to hydrogeology and ArcGIS applications” course

In this course not only we will delve into hydrogeology applications using ArcGIS, but also into geology related mapping and analysis. 

One of the most demanded courses by our students is the “Introduction to hydrogeology and ArcGIS applications” online course. Instructed by Matija Kordic, a highly experienced hydrogeologist, this course will firstly cover the dynamic nature of Earth, geostructural formations and the chemistry that occurs.

The second part of the course will dive into ArcGIS modelling and the course will cover not only hydrogeology applications but also wider, geology related mapping and analysis (because the two cannot be divided). Therefore, we will go through cartography, rasters, and 3D modelling in ArcGIS. We will also go through Autocad and Groundwater Vistas.

It is important to highligth that this training has been created for undergraduates, graduates, juniors, geologists, and hydrogeologists worldwide in order to provide them with the complete knowledge that will allow them to understand the subtle interactions that occur within the Earth and result in the creation and shaping of aquifers. Thus, the course aims to provide knowledge which can be used and not merely knowledge per se, so modelling will be oriented towards real examples and precision.

The course content will first cover topics such as hydrological systems and groundwater, flow in groundwater systems, understanding the stratigraphy of the cross-section and types of aquifers that may occur, Development of groundwater aquifers and transport of contamination, among some other different subjects.

After this, the next units will show how to use ArcGISto determine the vulnerability of groundwater and how to model in ArcGIS.

The instructor, Matija Kordic, Master in Engineering and Bachelor of Engineering Geology with a specialty in Hydrogeology from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mining and Geology, is known for creating a hydrogeology map of Zlatibor County, Republic of Serbia. For his master thesis, he analysed the current National Strategy of Sustainability and Water Management for Central Serbia and suggested a more sustainable approach, based on groundwater exploitation and ArcGIS applications. His experience includes groundwater management, karst aquifers specialization, and ArcGIS analysis.

Matija is currently working as an engineer of hydrogeology for HydroGeoEco and as an independent ArcGIS analyst consultant for numerous firms doing 3D modelling, modelling, analysis and ideation.

He is also author of two peer-reviewed journal articles, and is currently writing two books. The journal articles were related to engineering and management of karst aquifers and water accumulations.

Methodolology and final certificate

Within this virtual platform, students are in continuous contact with professor in a tailored way, solving questions together, and widening knowledge and acquiring new skills. Students can also interact with other students and professors through webinars and forums.

Plenty of content can be found in the Campus: eLearning material, videos, technical articles, manuals, complementary documentation, real examples and exercises.

As evidence of knowledge gained throughout the course, a certificate will be issued from the Virtual platform. This certificate is based on the modern technology Blockchain, which increases security, prevents fraud, builds trust and ensures you’re ready for the future.

Overall, this course is considered one of the most interesting of this area in the current market, given the quality of the professor, content and platform ease of use.

We are looking forward to seeing you around the virtual campus and learn from Matija´s vast experience and knowledge.

You can find more information about the course here.

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